Thank you for your interest in KidzTri3 and KT3 Racing!

Our focus continues to be providing a fun and supportive environment for your kidz that celebrates individual achievement through the participation in triathlon. It’s a motivating way develop self-confidence, have fun and learn to lead an active, positive and healthy lifestyle.

In triathlon, finishing is winning, and I promise you that we’ll help get your kidz across the finish line, regardless of their athletic ability. When they hear their name and cheers of adoring family members and fans, they’ll feel like a superhero and have bragging rights until their next triathlon adventure. If you’ve never experience triathlon, email me directly and I’ll get you started. It’s a really fun activity to do as a family so why not check it out?

I believe if we get all kidz engaged in physical activities in a positive and fun way, they will be active for life. My personal commitment to you and your family is to create a memorable experience, whether through our races, camps, clubs or bike rodeos, where your children are our primary focus, and their participation is celebrated by their family and friends, our volunteers and race crew.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing your kidz this season!

Kimberle Levin
Founder & Event Director |