KidzTri3 events are sanctioned by USA Triathlon. As a sanctioned event, we must adhere to USA Triathlon’s Competitive Rules, including age group classifications. The race distance each athlete completes is based on their actual age on December 31, 2017. This age is used to place them in the appropriate age group on race day. As an example, athletes turning 11 this year, whether their birthday is in March or in December, will be placed in the 11-12 age group. Athletes turning 16 this year are not eligible to participate in KidzTri3 Youth Triathlons.

No swim aids or training wheels are permitted on this race course.

KidzTri3 South JerseyTypeTypeType
7 to 8 AGSwim: 50 metersBike: 2 milesRun: .50 miles
9 to 10 AGSwim: 150 metersBike: 4 milesRun: .1 miles
11 to 12 AGSwim: 150 metersBike: 4 milesRun: .1 miles
13 to 15 AGSwim: 300 metersBike: 8 milesRun: .2 miles

*Course distances subject to change.

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