Participant Race Age
Boys and Girls ages 6 to 21 can participate in KidzTri3 Challenge Champ.

Race Distances
Swim – Triathletes will complete a 50 yard swim by swimming on their own, with a pool noodle or swim vest. Triathletes that are not able to swim on their own can be placed in a raft and tethered to their Race Guide who will pull the raft throughout the pool.

Bike – Triathletes complete a one mile bike course on an adaptive bike, a standard bike, or by using an adaptive cart and being pulled by their Race Guide.

Run – Triathletes complete a .50 or 1 mile run course by walking, jogging or a combination of both. Triathletes that are not able to propel themselves on their own can be pushed in a jogging stroller by their Race Guide throughout the course and through the finish line.

Don’t think your kidz can complete the prescribed distances?  No problem! We’ll accommodate individual athletes as necessary, so come out and play triathlon with us!

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