What is Draft Legal Racing?

We get asked a lot about kids who want to learn how to participate in draft legal racing. First thing you should know is there currently are no draft legal races in the Mid-Atlantic/New England area, so to participate in this type of racing, you need to travel. Second, there are only a handful of draft legal races in the Country, however over the next several years, you will be seeing more of them. Draft legal racing is what you see at the summer Olympics and is governed by the ITU (International Triathlon Union).

In the world of USA Triathlon, when you hear “performance or elite team/club” it refers to a draft legal focus. We currently do not provide this type of training, but are scouting race locations to produce draft legal races and include a camp for kids who want to learn how to race this style of triathlon. If draft legal racing is something you want to explore further, email us HERE and we’ll keep you posted.

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