Challenge Champ Triathlon

KidzTri3’s Challenge Champ Triathlon, introduces kidz challenged with physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities to the exciting world of triathlon in a fun and relaxed environment.  These exceptional kidz will have “Race Guides” who will assist them as needed, through a short swim, bike, run/walk and together, cross the finish line!

Race Overview
Nothing is more important than the safety of your athlete. Any time you have a bunch of kids together there is bound to be a scraped knee or elbow, but we have gone to great lengths to make this as safe a course as possible.

All KidzTri3 events take place on a specifically designed closed course, which means there is no vehicular traffic permitted during the event, so your kidz are always safe on a KidzTri3 Race Course.

The Race Course
Swim – Participants will have a real treat in this beautiful indoor Olympic-size pool, where many elite swimmers from across the country have swam before! Each participant will enter the water one-by-one and there are many ways to complete the swim course, based on your athlete’s comfort level and their disability.

Participants that can swim on their own will complete a 50 yard swim. Swim aids (pool noodle or swim vest) are permitted and can be provided, if needed.Participants who are not able to swim on their own can be placed in a small inflatable raft and will be pulled around the swim course by their Race Guide. Race Guides can be other family members, or we can team you up with one of our KT3 Racing TriClub members!

Upon completing the swim course, participants will exit the pool and walk or be pushed by their Race Guide in their wheelchair or other equipment, a brief distance to the Transition Area.

Bike – Transitioning to the bike course, participants will bike one mile (or shorter) through flat campus roads, which will be closed to vehicular traffic during the race. Equipment used can be an adaptive bike, standard bike, or an adaptive cart pulled by their Race Guide. After participants complete the bike course, they will enter the Transition Area and start the run course.

Run – Participants complete a 1/2 or one mile (or any distance in between) flat run course by walking, jogging, self-propelling their own wheelchair, walker, or other adaptive equipment. Participants that are not able to propel themselves on their own can be pushed in a jogging stroller by their Race Guide throughout the course and through the finish line.

For those participants that would like to self-propel themselves across the finish line, they are welcomed and encouraged to stop before the finish line chute, put on their braces, if needed, and cross the finish line on their own!

Participants are required to bring their own equipment, however if you have equipment needs, we don’t want this to be a barrier to participate so EMAIL us and we’ll see what we can figure out together.

Participant Race Age
To participate, boys and girls must be between the ages 6 to 21 on race day.

Race Guides & Volunteers
Race Guides accompany Challenge Champ triathletes throughout each segment of the race course, as necessary.  As much help as needed is available with the use of rafts, specialty bikes, wheelchairs and walkers. Only one Race Guide is permitted in transition during the event. This is for the safety of your athlete and the other athletes participating. Race Guides are considered volunteers under USA Triathlon Sanction Guidelines and will be required to sign a volunteer waiver before participating. If you are interested in becoming a race guide, please EMAIL us.

FREE Pre-Race Practice Sessions for All Participants!
There are TWO FREE practice sessions at GCIT, available to triathletes registered for the Challenge Champ Triathlon. This is a great opportunity for athletes to become familiar with the race venue, meet their Race Guide and practice together. KidzTri3 Coaches and Race Crew will be on hand to ensure you and your triathlete are comfortable with what to expect on race day. Practice sessions for the 2018 event are:

  • Tuesday, August 14th and Thursday, August 16th at 3:30pm

To ensure the safety of our athletes, we need Volunteers to help throughout race weekend. If you are interested in volunteering, sign up HERE or email our Volunteer Coordinator.  Do you know any high school or college students that need volunteer hours?  This is a great way for them to have lots of fun, make a difference in the lives of these kidz and get their hours!

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