KidzTri3 MiniTri ~ Garnet Valley

What’s a MiniTri?
A MiniTri is a fun way to introduce kidz ages 3 to 12 to triathlon. That’s right!  Now younger kidz, and kidz that are not ready for our longer youth courses, can become a triathlete on a MiniTri race course!

MiniTri race courses are completely closed to vehicular traffic, so your kidz are not traversing residential neighborhoods or places where cars could potentially be on the same road as your triathlete. This is what our KidzTri3 families have come to expect from us, and our MiniTri’s are no different.

If your kidz can SWIM, ride a BIKE, and RUN (or walk), bring them out to give it a TRI!

How it Works
MiniTri’s do not have set course distances by age group, rather when registering your triathlete, you select the desired course distance by course color (see options below). We’ve shortened the swim, bike and run courses, and have added a Buddy-Assisted course for our younger triathletes. Are your kidz riding balance bikes, 3-wheels, 4-wheels and use swim aids?  No problem!

Our focus is on participation rather than competition and MiniTri’s are not timed, however they are sanctioned by USA Triathlon, so all participants must be USA Triathlon Annual Members (providers of insurance).

Race Course Options
Each course is ability focused, so there’s something for everyone. During the registration process, you will be asked which course your kidz want to do; however, if they want to change their course selection on race day, no problem— just let us know race morning.

OPTION 1 ~ YELLOW Course (ages 3 to 5 – Buddy Supported) – 25 yard swim ~ 1/8 mile bike ~ 1/8 mile run

        • Yellow Course Requirements – Buddies ages 16 or older, are REQUIRED to accompany their triathlete in the pool during the swim and walk/run alongside them on the bike and run courses. Crossing the finish line together is optional – some kidz just might want to do that on their own! Sorry mom and dad…it does happen!
        • Permitted Equipment – Swim aids (floaties, swim vests, etc.), bigwheels, balance bikes and 3- or 4-wheel bikes. NOTE: Kidz must be fully potty trained to participate—no pull ups or water-specific pants allowed.

OPTION 2 ~ GREEN Course (ages 5 to 12) –25 yard swim ~ 1/2 mile bike ~ 1/4 mile run
OPTION 3 ~ ORANGE Course (ages 5 to 12) – 50 yard swim ~ 1 mile bike ~ 1/2 mile run
OPTION 4 ~ PINK Course (ages 5 to 12) – 100 yard swim ~ 2 mile bike ~ 1/2 mile run

        • Green, Orange & Pink Course Requirements – Kidz must be able to swim on their own, unassisted. Buddy support on these courses is not permitted.
        • Permitted Equipment – Swim aids (floaties, swim vests, etc.), 4-wheel and 2-wheel bikes permitted.

Participant Race Age
Boys and girls who are between the ages of 3 to 12 on race day, can participate in this event.

To ensure the safety of our athletes, we need Volunteers to help on race day. If you are interested in volunteering, sign up HERE or email our Volunteer Coordinator.  Do you know any high school or college students that need volunteer hours?  This is a great way for them to have lots of fun, make a difference in the lives of these triathletes, and get their hours!

Saturday, July 8th

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