School’s Out! Kids’ Triathlon

Race Overview
In its’ 11th year, this triathlon takes place on a specifically designed closSchools Out Logoed course, which means there is no vehicular traffic permitted during the event, so your kidz are always safe on while on the race course.

Nothing is more important than the safety of your athlete. Any time you have a bunch of kids together there is bound to be a scraped knee or elbow, but we have gone to great lengths to make this as safe a course as possible.

Our team’s goal is to create a safe, motivating, and fun race for children that will reinforce the importance of being active, staying fit, and supporting the community, so a portion of event proceeds will be donated to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia®.

The Race Course
Each athlete will enter the pool one-by-one in a time trial start by age group, approximately every 3 to 5 seconds, and serpentine swim their specific course distance. You will be able to cheer on your athlete during the entire swim from the grand stands area!

Athletes will exit the pool and run a brief distance to the Transition Area. Transitioning to the bike course, athletes will bike through flat school campus roads and Horsham Township trails, which will be closed to vehicular traffic during the race.

After athletes complete the bike course, they will enter Transition Area to transition onto the run course. The run course weaves its way through the high school campus, back to the football stadium and around the track to the cheers of adoring fans and great music as you hear your athlete’s name announced as they cross the finish line!

Participant Race Age
Boys and girls ages 5 to 15 can participate in School’s Out! Kids’ Triathlon. As a USA Triathlon sanctioned event, we must adhere to USA Triathlon’s Competitive Rules, including age group classifications. An Athlete’s race age is determined by their actual age on December 31, 2017.

How Does My Triathlete Know Where to Go on the Race Course?
All our race courses are color coded by age group so triathletes can easily see where they should be at all times by following the course markings in their race color. When your triathlete pickups up their race packet, they will receive a swim cap, wristband, bike frame and run bib numbers in the color of their age group (see Participant Race Age for more information on your triathlete’s “race age”). This also allows our Race Crew and Volunteers to ensure your triathlete completes the correct course distance.

Age Group Colors >> 5-6AG BLUE, 7-8AG GREEN, 9-10AG ORANGE, 11-12AG YELLOW, 13-15AG PINK, Buddy Division (ages 5-6) PURPLE

Buddy Division
Athletes that require support on the course, in transition and use swim aids, 3- or 4-wheel bicycles, participate in the Buddy Division, which you select during registration. This Division provides your triathlete with the ability to participate with your assistance. One Buddy, ages 16 or older, accompany their triathlete during the swim (in the pool if necessary) and walk/run alongside them on the bike and run courses. Crossing the finish line together is optional – some kidz just might want to do that on their own!

Bike & Helmet Inspection
Safety is our first priority and to participate in any KidzTri3 triathlon, your triathlete’s bike and helmet must pass a safety inspection by one of our Bike Shop Partners, to ensure their equipment is road worthy, as outlined in USA Triathlon’s Competitive Youth Rules. Inspections are provided FREE, by our Bike Shop Partners, and are required for your triathlete to participate.

Once your triathlete’s equipment passes the safety inspection, a special waterproof “race sticker” will be placed on both the bike and helmet, which ensures access to Transition on race morning.  NO Sticker, NO Race, NO Exceptions.

Bike Shops receive an event’s specific sticker three weeks prior to race weekend, so if you are a KidzTri3 family that races with us often, you will need to have your triathlete’s equipment inspected for each event. This is because anything can happen between races while kidz are riding around playing and we want to ensure their equipment is not only safe for them, but safe for the triathletes who will be riding around them.

Athlete Guide
Three weeks before race weekend, we will post on our website the Event’s Athlete Guide. An email will be sent to all registered participants when the Guide is live and everything you and your triathletes need to know about race weekend is in the Guide. Many questions we receive leading up to race weekend are found in the Guide so be sure to review it with your triathletes.

To ensure the safety of our athletes, we need Volunteers to help throughout race weekend. If you are interested in volunteering, sign up HERE or email our Volunteer Coordinator.  Do you know any high school or college students that need volunteer hours?  This is a great way for them to have lots of fun, make a difference in the lives of these kidz, and get their hours!

Saturday ~ June 10, 2017
    Packet Pickup, Bike/Helmet Inspection, Race Registration

Sunday ~ June 11, 2017
    Race Day!

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Athlete Guide

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