All KidzTri3 Triathlons, TriCamps and TriClubs are sanctioned by USA Triathlon (USAT). In order to participate in a KidzTri3usat_sanctioned_event_logo-300x300 event or program, you will need to purchase an Annual Membership for your youth triathlete. Memberships can be purchased directly through USAT or during the registration process for any KidzTri3 event or program.

Annual Youth Membership – $10

Annual Member Benefits:
• Subscription to the quarterly USA Triathlon publication USA Triathlon Magazine
• Excess accident insurance while participating in USA Triathlon-sanctioned events
• Inclusion in the USA Triathlon national ranking system after competing in at least three USAT sanctioned triathlon races or two of any other multisport (duathlon, aquathlon, aquabike, off-road triathlon events)
• Discounts from USA Triathlon sponsors, including Endurance Films, Fuel Belt, Rudy Project, Cycle Pro, Training Peaks, Sweat Vac and more. Click here to view USA Triathlon Member Discounts. (Discount codes are accessed via your membership dashboard) Discounts on all USA Triathlon hosted webinars
• Access to members-only dashboard with opportunities to access giveaways and special articles
• A $20 voucher through for all new and renewing members (spend $40 and receive $20 off)
• Members-only forum (coming soon!)
• A new online membership portal that will enable personalization of USA Triathlon communication at the individual level, providing more relevant information to members
• E-newsletters to keep you informed
• USA Triathlon Proud Member sticker
• The official USA Triathlon Rulebook. Please request your free E-copy by emailing