Our Regional High School TriClubs provide students an age-specific community to pursue their passion for the multisport lifestyle. The club provides opportunities for kidz to learn the techniques, conditioning and racing skills to compete in sprint distance triathlons, which will prepare them to participate in a collegiate program, should they desire to continue in the sport after high school.

Belonging to a club also provides a great opportunity for those students whom have never participated in the sport, to have a like-minded community to learn from in a supportive training and racing environment. For triathletes who already participate in multisport events, this is an opportunity to share their passion with their classmates.

Who Can Join?
Our Regional High School TriClubs are for students whose school district does not currently have a triathlon club, and are comprised of kidz living in one of our TriClub regions that attend a public or private high school, or are home schoolers.  Kidz from a TriClub region practice throughout the region and build new friendships and comradery.

Age Eligibility
The High School Team is open to all students ages 13 to 17, currently enrolled in public, private or home schools.  Incoming freshmen are able to participate the summer before their freshman year starting June 1st.  This is to allow the triathlete to compete in their entire freshmen year. All senior year eligible students will complete their final season with the High School National Championships during their senior year.

Race Distances
Team Members will participate in “sprint” distance races, which vary by race venue, but are typically 400M to 700M swim, 10 to 17 mile bike, and a 5k run.

Training Schedule & Locations
TriClub training sessions are scheduled all year round to continue to build and progress your triathlete’s endurance and multi-sport skills. From September through March, training sessions are once a month. In April and May, training sessions increase to once a week. Then, from June through August (our race season), training will be twice a week. Training locations are spread throughout TriClub regions.

High School Team Membership Requirements
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