2018 is an Exciting Year!

When I started KidzTri3 in 2010, I knew three things. First, I wanted our programming to make a difference in the lives of kidz everywhere and create wonderful, life-long memories. Second, I wanted to provide an opportunity for all kidz, regardless of their athletic ability, the opportunity to cross the finish line and feel like a superhero. Third, I wanted to build a world-class youth multisport company that grew organically and shared the triathlon love through all communities, including the disabled and those that are underserved. Today, I am proud and grateful we are doing just that and continue to reach into communities that are joyfully embracing us.

Throughout the year, most of my time is spent visiting new communities and school districts to educate families about triathlon. Did you know most people have never heard of our sport? I happen to think that’s fantastic because it provides us with the opportunity to create new superheros and be at the very beginning of a child’s triathlon adventure. If you want to help us share the triathlon love in your community, drop me a note and we’ll get the ball rolling together (don’t worry though…we do all the work!).

Make no mistake about it though. What we do is super hard. We make it look easy because we have the best crew in the sport. Many of them have been with us since the beginning, and as we grow, we continue to expand our crew, so you’ll see new faces popping up every season. In 2018-19, we’re expanding to Berks county and the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, and the North Jersey area. Do you live in these areas or know someone that does? We’re always looking for awesome team members, from coaches to site crews who produce our races. Sound interesting? Send me an email and we’ll chat.

And finally, I’m super excited about a new initiative we’ve created this year – Local Community Race Coordinators. These volunteer roles are in areas where we have a race venue, with the primary goal of more fully integrating into the communities that we have partnered with. Check it out, apply and let the fun begin!

Thank you for your support and allowing us to be part of your children’s triathlon journey. We look forward to seeing their big smiles this season!

Kimberle Levin
Founder & Event Director

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